Smoothies: Pure vitamins or only a cold-pressed trend?

They have been in full swing for some time now and part and parcel of the modern lifestyle. Smoothies! Everybody knows them now. Some love them and others just sit on the fence. Easy and quick to make or they can be bought at almost every corner and “cold-pressed” as it is so beautifully put. Even young people are now not shy to be seen with a green drink in their hands publicly!

However, opinions on the health benefits are no longer as unanimous as at the beginning of the trend. They should be true vitamin bombs, prevent and even cure diseases and strengthen the immune system.

But are they really as healthy as they look and as we are let to believe ?

What is a smoothies ?

Smoothies are mixed drinks and consist of vegetables, fruits, spices, water or other liquids such as tea, juice or milk. They provide us with valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There are absolutely no boundaries as to the ingredients used for a smoothie. They are produced without preservatives or sugar additives and therefore have 100% fruit content.

What about oxalic acid in spinach?

Green leaf salad, spinach, green cabbage and herbs are particularly good for a health drink. These have the highest nutrient density compared to their calories. Spinach, green cabbage and chard however, should be carefully used because of their high content of oxalic acid if taken daily or in high doses. Parsley, beetroot, sorrel and rhubarb belong to this group.

Oxalic acid extracts calcium from your body which is important for your bone and tooth structure and forms insoluble calcium oxalate. If this is consumed daily in large quantities, it can settle in the kidneys in the form of granules or stones. Heating reduces the content of oxal, but is obviously not so suitable for the preparation of smoothies.

How good are the smoothies purchased in the shop?

smoothies offered in the supermarkets should be consumed with care. They are often made from fruit puree, concentrates or even concentrates from fruit juice. As the name suggests, these concentrated fruits with have a much higher fruit density than natural fruits. A pure calorie trap. In addition, they are widely distributed in the industry and have less vitamins due to their light-permeable packaging.

Our brain does not receive the necessary information that we are full up, still feeling hungry and having already absorbed a large amount of calories. The sugar content of a 250 ml smoothie frequently contains 25 grams of sugar which actually the upper limit of the daily requirement!

Lose weight with smoothies?

Smoothies are definitely a suitable way for taken the widely recommended 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. However, don’t think you can lose kilo by drinking smoothies, remember that some drinks can actually contain the same calorie content of a whole solid meal. Despite their vitamins and dietary fiber content, they often also contain too much sugar or fruit sugar.

Anyone who wants to shed some weight, should use 50% to 70% vegetables in the smoothie mix more vegetables than fruit. It is true that chewing satisfies hunger more than drinking.

You should only use fresh fruit and vegetables and not any powders. Smoothies should be trunk quickly after preparation as vitamins decompose within one hour after pureing. To add a little milk, yoghurt or a splash of oil, the shelf life can be extended by a few hours.

Generally, smoothies are a welcome change and even a supplement in our nutrition, but no substitute for a balanced healthy diet. It just depends on the right mix!  

My favorite smoothies

Today, I introduce you to a simple and fast Spinach-Banana-Kiwi Smoothie from my collection. It was created by constant testing and is a perfect drink at any time of the day. It can of course also be modified with orange juice and a small pinch of chlorella which is a super marine micro algae.

  • 1 Handful of spinach
  • 2 Kiwis
  • 1 Banana
  • Juice of a 1/2 lemon
  • Mint leaves
  • 300 ml of water

-Mix the water and spinach together at low-speed.

-Add banana, kiwi and the lemon juice and mix everything at the highest speed.

-Add mint.

-Finally, use a few leaves of mint and a slice of kiwi for decoration.







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