The enormous power of our subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind is much more influential than we think! Our decisions and our daily behavior are based on this important part of our psyche. While we can not deliberately influence this, we are nevertheless guided by it.

What if we could influence the potential of our subconscious mind? What unimaginable opportunities would arise for us?

Everything we have experienced so far is collected and stored. All our experiences, our feelings, and our mental behavior are found in our brains in a very neat order.

As we think and act today has its origin in our past. Whether we are self-confident or more anxious has developed over the years in our subconscious mind. Our experiences, whether good or bad are all saved. As soon as a situation emerges which is familiar to us, our subconsciousness is reflected and influences our thinking and actions. Even if we do not want it, it is pre-programmed and runs without our help. We are actually no longer asked but only influenced.

For some situations, it may be advantageous to be “preprogrammed”. For example cycling or running. We neither think about it nor count our steps, but simply do it subconsciously and totally automated. Our subconscious mind is much more likely to take the lead than we think. It is always on standby and alert to all situations around us. All the acoustics and visual stimuli such as sounds, voices, colors and odors are being noted. We do not need to worry about all this, it will be recorded and stored without our intervention.

And what about our intuition?

We all know the situation of suddenly feeling that something is wrong and we just cannot put the finger on the reason why. We feel sadness or happiness and we don’t know why. Or we make quick gut feeling decisions without thinking about it. It’s our subconscious that always accompanies and directs us in these cases.

But there are also situations where we would rather act differently to what we do. We would reprogram the computer and replace the negative old patterns with positive new ones. And you can actually do this, through targeted exercises we can deliberately influence our thinking and thus break out of old patterns of behavior and go new ways of life. Our dreams and desires can be achieved with the help of our subconscious mind. How we live our lives ultimately defines our subconscious and what it stores. So it depends on us what we are ready to give it.

Define your dreams and goals!

1. Write everything you want

As accurately and detailed as possible. What is the goal that you want to reach in the short-term or in the long-term? Only if it’s in  black on white in front of you that you can read and remind yourself of it on a daily basis, it becomes an important part of your daily thinking. even best to say out loudly and repeat several times daily. Because we hear it and thus internalize it faster and better.

2. Feel your dreams

Emotions and feelings help us reach our dreams faster. We must believe in it and really want it. The strong desire to achieve our goals play an important role for our subconscious mind. The more we want it, the more we activate our subconscious.

3. Visualise your goals

Try to see yourself in your goal. The more you internalize it and see it clearly, the more it becomes an integral part of your thinking.
We cannot expect our long-established patterns to change rapidly. This includes a bit of time and training. But with a firm determination, ambition and endurance we can achieve our goals.

We must learn to understand how our self-awareness works and what it wants to tell us. It is actually trying to protect and help us. So it is up to us what we do with the offered help.

Follow the impulse or not!




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