15 tips for a conscious and happy life between the huge expanse of yesterday and tomorrow

Between yesterday and tomorrow is much more than we are sometimes aware.

On one side our past with all our experiences. Our wonderful memories, the happy times and precious moments which accompanied us until today. Our fears, worries and our needs has made us what we are today, how we feel and what we think.

On the other hand, the future like a blank white sheet that still needs to be written. Our wishes and dreams which we carry within us and we hope to experience someday, be it finding true love or to climb the corporate ladder. Hope that always drives us forward and makes us stake out even higher goals.

This whole back and forth of these thoughts and feelings makes us forget that the present is actually the truly real-time. We breathe and laugh, we love and we cry, we plan and we think in the present. It brings us nothing if we constantly mourn the past or to get lost in illusions about a better future.

Everything that is over, is over!

Everything that has not happened yet, has not happened yet!


Here are a few ideas how we can make our lives more consciously to truly experience every moment.

  • Live every moment intensely
  • Jot down your thoughts and plans
  • Take care of yourself and eat healthily
  • Think positively
  • Turn off all electronic devices once in a while
  • Smell the flowers along the way
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Show love, gratitude and generosity
  • Be open to new ideas and stay curious
  • Always have a good book at hand
  • Create memories
  • Make future and travel plans
  • Take pictures of present moments
  • Take care of your body
  • Show respect for other people and animals

If we can manage to find peace of mind between past, future and what we can influence most, the present, there should be actually nothing in the way for a happy life.

Enjoy your day



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