Originally, huge and impressive! Deia-Llucalcari

On my search for of a little piece of nature, today I am stranded in the west of Mallorca between Deia and Söller, on the beach of Llucalcari. The name comes from the Arabic Daya and means as much as the “village of the woods”.

If you now expect fine sand beach, chairs under palm trees and beach bars, I must disappoint you!


What a beautiful name and how appropriate I think to myself while I walk down the steep path between pines and oaks (or rather climb) to my destination, which I can already see deep down among the trees, come closer.


The path to the water is not easy, but once arrived, you can see and feel the overwhelming power and beauty of the sea.

Huge boulders and a rocky coast form a unique rough and idyllic scenery.


The landscape here is as untouched as it should probably have been centuries ago. Originally, huge and impressive!


I get to feel the power of water instantly, as I look for a safe place between the rocks to let me bathe by the waves.

However, already the second wave is so unexpectedly high that I’m catapulted backwards and I find myself like flotsam, headfirst among the rocks again! Wow, what a feeling!


A small freshwater source behind our backs gushes straight out of the rock and flows into the sea. They draw crowds to a mud bath, and afterwards to go swimming in the sea. I have not done but set directly into the water !


A day at the seaside of completely different kind, and yet beautiful! That is precisely Mallorca with its different sides. There is always something new and unexpected to discover.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are and see you soon!





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