In other words…I Love You !

In our lives we meet many  people who accompany us for a while on our path and some only for a few hours or days. Others for a longer period of months, years or even for life. From simple acquaintances wonderful friendships can arise, but also relationships which are much deeper and more intense.

Suddenly we find the partner for life or even the long-awaited soul mate that makes our lives seem complete. Not because you have desperately been looking for it, but because he is in front of you one day, just then when you least expect it.

If one has found this person, he should let him know that he/she is special. Simply because that person is the way he/she is! Small gestures that come from the heart and show the other that he/she is very important to us. A spontaneous hug, a gentle touch or a loving smile can bring so much and say more than words could express.

But without doubt, the greatest gift you can give a dear person ever, is giving your own time. And precisely because our life time is limited, we share our most valuable possession.

Being attentive and share the concerns and thoughts of the other and support him or her. Listening and talking with each other. Offering help and stand by his side.

What would success and all the happy moments be when we could not share them with loved ones? Only half as good …

Make every new day to something special and show the other that you are close to him, even if you are not physically with him.

Loving words like “Good Morning” and a “Sweet dreams” in the evening show in a miraculous way that he/she is the first thought in the morning and the last at night.

Knowing someone is thinking of us, makes us already happy. It is not important whether it is written or spoken. The effect is the same!

Although we do not shout out loud our love every day or say the three words “I love you“, we do it. In another way! We show that someone is important to us, by saying for example the following phrases:

                                                Good morning!

                                                                                                   Be careful! 

                                                          How was your day?                              How are you?

                    Take care!                                                      Do you need anything?

                                                    Can I see you?                   Sleep well!

                                                                            Thank you!

Hope you are feeling better!

Do not waste a single day without showing your love to your children, your parents, your friends, and of course, your partner or soul mate.





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