Wellness For The Senses – Cala Fornells

How about a romantic trip to an idyllic bay?

No, today is not Sunday, it’s Wednesday. Actually a normal working day. But you have to set priorities, because life is not only for work. Take spontaneously a short break and relax without regrets, its a simply must. Go out to the lake and read a book, a walk in the nature or just go to a nice cafe and enjoy an ice cream. Pretend as if you were on vacation, and for the first time in this city. Suddenly you can see everything in a different light and discover new places and locations, hidden small restaurants and treasures in the very familiar surroundings.


Today I have allowed myself such a day. For me it is mostly a full day at the beach.It starts at 10 am, as the temperatures are still pleasant and it is going to be a hot day again. Actually, it should go to the north coast of Mallorca. But at the last moment, we decide to remain in the south. A romantic little bay called Cala Fornells should be our goal. Tucked between Peguera and Andratx. I love to  being surprised and look forward to a wonderful day ahead of us.


To start our vacation relaxing, first we want to spoil our taste buds. This of course includes a coffee, small croissants and fresh orange juice. The covered front yard of a hotel high above the bay of Cala Fornells offers us the ideal place for it. As we sit in the shade, looking thoughtfully out to sea and let the day slowly begin.


Then it is time to pack our bags and walk through the forest. We do not want to go to the known hotel beaches. No, a small hidden cove not so far from here should it be which is attended only by locals, and is still considered a insider tip. A gritty and somewhat steep path leads directly to the top of the steep cliffs that surround this bay. After less than 10 minutes we are there. And what can I say: I am overwhelmed by the beauty and the colors of the nature, which presents us proud.

This prospect rewarded instantly captured the effort. Already at first glance I can catch through the trees on the crystal clear waters takes my breath away. Can it really be that  such a beautiful piece of nature remained almost undiscovered?


Only a handful of people is partly on the rocks or under the trees. An exceptional peaceful atmosphere floats in the air. It smells like this typical Mediterranean scent of pine trees and the crickets can be heard in the heat. Something mystical surrounds this emerald bay.Were it not the two young girls trying the SUP, paddling on a surfboard, and the man in the water, I would feel  like Robinson Crusoe. What an idyll!


After a lovely relaxing day it finally goes back home to civilization. To Santa Catalina, the beating heart of Palma. So incredibly diverse can this island be on relatively small space. And while we are enjoy the sunset on the roof terrace with a cold beer, Papaadam and a sharp chutney, which we have brought from the indian restaurant around the corner, my thoughts still indulge in this little paradise.


All my senses were  serves in a wonderful way. I could see a gorgeous landscape, breathe in the scent of summer, listening to the sounds of nature, taste delicious food and feel on my skin the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea.

To all this, a loved one on the side, and a single day feels like a week’s vacation!

Enjoy your day



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