Friends For Life

When I arrived here three years ago on this island, I knew that I had to start from scratch. New language, new job, new environment and especially new people! I wanted to build a social network around me to feel better as soon as possible!

But I also wanted to keep in contact with my friends. It seemed to me then and now extremely important and I have tried to preserve the friendships. Of course, we don’t message us every day, but now and then a few lines that show us that we still think of each other and still are interested in the other’s life. This is the red line, that connects the present with my old life. Despite the distance friendships can work very well nowadays thanks to today’s technology.

After my separation I really met the dearest people I then could imagine and who picked me up. But even old friendships of my youth were refreshed. Women in different situations and cultures have been an important part at this time for me. They all have shown me how versatile and different life can be and helped me in many ways. I experienced friendships, love, suffer and even a wedding.

In addition to all the memories I love to think back there is one particular night that stayed in my mind. I’m still smiling when I think about it. My friends and I were in a club dancing and suddenly we found ourselves in the ER. One of the girls slipped and felt over with her dance partner who broke her ankle. It was really painful. She had to undergo surgery and wore a cast for a long time afterwards. But we all were laughing tears on the way to the hospital.

Each of those friends has now gone their own way. Some have married or became mother and others found their big love. Then there are those who master everything with incredible power and defy everything that gets in the way. And others who are committed to their careers, but go on beautiful holidays several times a year and travel the world.

Wherever our journey will lead us and on which continent we are, we should always keep the connection to our friends. They are the ones who help us in difficult times, give comfort, encourage, or just listen. No matter how far the distance may be. In our minds they are always very close to us and an important part of our lives.

Thank you girls for this wonderful time!



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