The fragrance of home !

My Greece has a scent of sweet oleander, spicy tangy pine aroma and a fresh salty sea breeze.

As I look over to the Mount Olymp over the deep blue sea, I am thinking to myself what the gods might be doing right now on the top?
Have they seen all that coming while Zeus ruled there with a firm hand a few years ago?

Mount Olymp – where the gods live

Today we are writing the year 2016, in the month of July. It is 14:35 and 35 degrees Celsius. More than the gesture to the Frappe would be too much. A gentle breeze is blowing the sound of lounge music from the nearby beach club and the crickets are chirping tirelessly. They don’t mind the temperatures at all.

After 5 years I’m back in my homeland Greece on holidays. Together with my children we are spending a week at the beach house of my parents.
Idyllic beaches with turquoise waters and the island of Thassos are planned. We want to revive beautiful memories of their and my childhood.

Vourvourou – Chalkidiki

How much have my little brother and I loved it, to start the day with a cold cacao and Bougatsa (traditional puff pastry with semolina cream filled). Or to buy gyros in pita. But also many other typical specialties such as feta, ouzo, moussaka, souvlaki and watermelons are an absolute must. Every single day!


Kalikratia – Chalkidiki

Already this wonderful smell when you step out of the plane is unmistakable. Everyone knows that. It’s something that anchored itself very early on in our brain and is unique for everyone, regardless of which country you come. The scent of home is unique. My Greece is a mixture of sweet oleander, spicy tangy pine scent and a fresh salty sea breeze.
I recognized it immediately!!


Nea Iraklia – Chalkidiki

But very quickly, the extent of the crisis was visible at every corner.
There is a high poverty, especially among older people who get paid out their pensions only partly. And even from that little money live families of two or three generations. Nevertheless, people here try to master their lives and don’t give up. They improvise and try to find a job. Families are holding together even stronger now and have become modest in many ways.


Ferry from Kavala to Thassos

I am proud to be a Greek. My ancestors have influenced the world like no other country. Although the recent years have thrown back the country by decades by our own foolishness. But we can make it, it’s in our genes. Heroes like King Leonidas I of Sparta, who has faced 480 B.C. bravely against the tremendous superiority of the Persians, today well known from the movie ‘’300’’, is a good example.


Everyone uses words and phrases with Greek roots in daily life without knowing it!

80% of the vocabulary can be attributed to the Latin or Greek. Expressions in medicine, science, literature, philosophy and politics are based on the Greek language.
The word democracy for example, as a “rule of the state’s population” represents a political system.
The word Europe comes from the Greek mythology and was according to the myth the name of a phoenician princess who was abducted by Zeus.


Where would be our modern civilization today, without our philosophers of humanity like Aristotle 384 B.C., Plato 428 B.C., Socrates 469 B.C. or the mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras 570 B.C.? Physicians like Hippocrates 460 B.C. founded the first Greek medical school.
They all have left us a precious heritage of priceless value!.

The Olympic Games in the 2nd millennium B.C. invented in Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula, are the basis for modern competitions and are held every 4 years worldwide. In those days, the games were brutal and could be mortal. The winner got a wreath of olive branches and has been honored as a “favored by the gods”.

Many have tried to subdue and take over this wonderful country in the last millennia. Once the battles were held on the battlefields, today there are money supports and various programs which serve as a cover of modern war.
The pillage and privatization of state-owned assets such as energy companies, the water supply and the entire infrastructure like airports and seaports are already happening.Only the profitable areas will be privatized, the less lucrative can stay generously!
Hasn’t that been the only goal from the beginning on?

But perhaps this privatization also creates new unimaginable opportunities for us. The structures of the old state economy were outdated and no longer contemporary. Other countries have shown us that it is possible to grow again after privatization. We should learn from them and show everyone that we are tough and strong.


I still look over to the mountain and can see it right in front of me: Zeus with his long beard sitting quite sublime and silently on his throne and observes everything. His gods are all discussing again all messed up and try outdo each other. Everyone is of course better and faster in everything!


While Ares and Artemis compare their weapons loudly and flaunt, Poseidon swings his trident over their heads to signify his opinion.
Casually leaning against an olive tree Dionisos is just enjoying his third glass of wine and is listening with eyes closed to Apollon playing the divine harp.
The goddess Aphrodite breathtakingly beautiful as ever is stroking a strand from her forehead and is picturing her reflection in the water of a fountain while listing to Athenes wisdoms.

What’s happening in the background is a bit unclear, because Hephaestus has made a really big fire. Just in time, Hermes has managed to fly out with his messages under his arm before the smoke obscures the mountain halfway.

Just a normal chaotic Greek family day!




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