20 things you will regret one day, not having done

Our life is dominated by the large and small tasks we daily impose on ourselves or people expect from us. A full diary, too many obligations, deferred tasks on the endless “To Do List” for a too long time. A life we create ourselves or in which we were squeezed without being asked. In most times no one asks you anyway…. A gradual process we notice, however don’t stop and leave it granting.

And meanwhile our life runs too quickly through our fingers. Nevertheless, we always push the for us important things to tomorrow, next week or next year. As if we had stored somewhere a few years and use them once we need them!

Now is the time to do what  is personally important to you. Do it before it’s too late!

Do what you love!

Here are 20 things you will likely regret one day, not having done:

1. Not having travelled to see more of the world

2. Not having learned a foreign language

3. Not having broken up an unhappy relationship (earlier)

4. Not having started something new because you were too afraid

5. Not having quit your lousy job

6. Not having taken more effort in school

7. Having been too afraid to say ‘’I love you’’

8. Not listening to your parents advices

9. Caring too much what other people think

10. Having supported others more than pursuing your own wishes

11. Not having made important decisions more instinctively

12. Not having been more spontaneous

13. Not having stopped a fight with people who mean you something earlier

14. Having worked too hard instead of living your life

15. Not having stopped for a moment to enjoy the little things in life

16. Not having finished things which were important for you

17. Not having played more often with your kids

18. Not having taken big risks in life

19. Not having spent more time with your loved ones

20. Not having lived your own life

The list is endless. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Otherwise you’ll look back one day and regret deeply not having lived your life as you wanted!  





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