Short trip home – Maultaschen and potato salad

After six months, I am leaving my island today with destination Germany. It is only a short trip to celebrate my daughter’s graduation. Another milestone of my kids on their way out into the world.

I’m sitting in the plane and see my green island surrounded by the deep blue sea declining and I have already a wistful feeling. We are leaving the Mediterranean with a pleasant temperature of 28 degrees and fly to the North with only 14 degrees and expected rain showers and thunderstorms.

It’s only four days, I’m thinking to myself. I can take it somehow, knowing I have jacket, umbrella and rain boots in my luggage. I’m an optimist, therefore I have taken my sunglasses as well in expectation the sun will come out for a while. At least once!


I wish everyone at home so much more summer feeling. It’s mid-June now, a legitimate wish, or? I’m feeling almost guilty that I’m climatically favoured and try to avoid this topic.

Now we are flying over Corsica and making a loop over Milan to finally land in Stuttgart. The sun is shining on 12,200 m above sea level although below us lies a thick layer of white cotton.

As I look out on the blue horizon, my thoughts fly in almost the same speed as our plane. Back to my old environment, my old house, which is right next to my parents house, gives me always a melancholy feeling. The joy of the reunion on the one hand, old memories on the other. The two sides of the coin, as you say. You can’t have the one without the other!

Perhaps one of the reasons why I do not fly so often. But after more than three years abroad, it is not so difficult as it was in the beginning. On the other side I’m looking forward to see my parents and son again of course. To see old friends again. Everything is already scheduled exactly like it is always when I fly back to my old hometown.

Somewhere over Europe

Yes, I am happy to leave my island for a few days and dive into the past again. Like I mentioned before: the past and now want to be connected. And I will do that.  pilot has just informed us that we are flying over Zurich now and the temperature has already dropped noticeably. Of cou rse! We are ready for landing and dive into white clouds.

How much I miss the little things in life. Maultaschen with potato salad, a Wiener Schnitzel, Apple Spritzer, lush green meadows, German television, wide highways without limit, the wide variety of bread types, good fresh coffee and so much more.

For a lot of people something completed naturally, but for me it became something special.

Now I am completely sure it will be a great weekend!





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