Birthdays and resolutions for the next year

Just a couple of days ago was my birthday and I’m full of energy and euphoria. It feels like a new start of the next level. I have plans again and I’m very excited about what this new year will bring to me.

It was a very beautiful day, which I have consciously experienced. Many good friends from near and far have thought of me and each of their congratulations has given me a smile and enriched this day.

It’s not a lie when I say that I have spent the whole day happy and smiling.

Actually every new day is a new beginning and should be celebrated, but on our birthdays we are somewhat emotional. Past and future come together. Some things want to be intertwined and remain, others have to be cut and finished.


What have I all experienced over the last 12 months? What made me happy and what sad? New people came into my life and some left. What has brought me to my limits? What have I abandoned painfully because I realized not to stick to something that does not belong in my life.

A lot was not easy and some things happened completely unexpected. But I am grateful for all experiences, because from all I have learned my lessons and each has left its mark on its way. Some new laugh lines of beautiful moments and one or two grey hairs of moments that have got me thinking.


But now I’m so curious what brings the next year and have already written down some resolutions. Not the usual points like exercising more, living healthier or smoking less. The things that do me physically and mentally well I have already changed several years ago and I’m trying to maintain them. They should be new and realistic and and reflect my personal desires.

1. Meditation

I would like to start to meditate in order to improve my inner balance. Regardless of religious aspects, I hope thereby more inner peace and balance.
In addition to yoga, which I have already startet a good addition as I find.

2. Further education

My thirst for knowledge and the desire to learn constantly new things, don’t stop this year. Distance learning or an internship are on my to-do list. Maybe a new language?

3. SUP Surfing – Stand Up Paddle. Learning a new sport

To live at the sea has already its advantages, in many ways. Some of them are the many sports on the water. I opted for the surf paddling. This doesn’t look so difficult and is currently totally hip on Mallorca. As rowing only without a boat. It’s moving forward with a large paddle standing on a surfboard.

4. Thai cooking – Taking a cookery class

Since my vacation to Thailand I’m addicted to the very healthy and spicy exotic thai kitchen. Not a week passes without cooking an Asian dish or walking to our Thai restaurant around the corner. But a cookbook cannot replace a real cooking class with experienced professionals. Nothing stands in the way for my application in the cooking course at the Galley Club, in my neighborhood.

5. Venice – Visiting a new city

One of my favorite countries is and remains Italy. Although I’m Greek and I now live in Spain, Italy is located right in between and wants to be visited. I simply love everything Italian. The food, ranging from pizza to risotto, the language, which sounds so melodious like “Bella Musica”, Eros Ramazzotti, old Italian movies with Sophia Loren and so much more …. After Rome and the Amalfi coast last year, now it’s definitely time for a gondola ride in Venice.

6. Writing something important

I am thinking less of a new Brockhaus or romantic novel, but rather a collection of my adventures and experiences. Biography would be too much? I am going to start and we’ll see what happens. I have no pressure to write a bestseller.

New resolutions make us happy and give us the feeling to take our lives in our own hands.

Flowers for my Birthday

As you say: New year, new luck and maybe a new love!

I’m ready….






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