7 reasons why you should end an unhappy relationship

We all tend to – and I am no exception – hold onto relationships for too long. Even when they harm us more than they do us good. This can be a partnership as well as a friendship.

The friend for example, who calls us only when there is yet another trouble in their kingdom. The friend who is “so busy” that we are always last on their list. The partner who pulls us down, who takes more energy from us than he or she is willing to give.

But why do we hold on to these people?

For a long time we feel uncomfortable and unhappy in this situation and we know that nothing will change. Yet, we stick with it.

We would rather be unhappy than change something and can’t even explain why. The sense of security is too important. We would rather not risk anything and stay to avoid a broken heart.

- Fearing changes.

- Fearing being alone.

- From false guilt to hurt the others.

It requires a lot of strength and an optimistic attitude to make changes; I know this very well from my own experience. But – taking small steps and having little courage – the change is possible.

So, here are my 7 most personal reasons why one should end a relationship and be themselves again.

  1. You feel relieved and liberated!

Once we have finally made the decision to move on – we breathe again! The inner peace returns again. Sleepless nights where we were up the whole night are over. The stress of unnecessary quarrels and sorrow ceases.

  1. You have future plans once again and you look forward to life ahead!

New ways and many new opportunities are now available to you. What have you always wanted, but pushed back because of the well-being of others was always more important? Finally starting with yoga, a language course in Mandarin, the trip to Cambodia? The great job, pursuing your career in a new city, a long overdue move to a new area or even another country? Now is the right moment to make your own dreams come true and to realize your goals! The energy is now particularly strong!

  1. Your self-confidence is stronger again, the self-doubt disappears!

You don’t have to change and try to be someone else in order to please. Someone who doesn’t accept you for what you truly are, doesn’t recognize your true value and will probably never see it no matter what you do. Be yourself again! After all, there was a reason why someone wanted this relationship with you. You have so much personality; you don’t have to assume a different one! Love and accept yourself, then others will do it as well.

  1. Shopping!

Is there anything better than a new outfit? Strip off the old clothes together with the memories, and ban them to the back of the cabinet, or give them away, and feel good again. Each new item brings not only a smile on your face, you feel better again – a few new extravagant shoes, a colourful dress or shirt and a new look let you shine and look more attractive again. Treat yourself well, you deserve it!

  1. Meet old friends!

How long have we neglected one friend or another because there was no time for a coffee or a phone call? Or because your partner didn’t like him or her? Now you have the time – use it! There is so much to talk about and catch up!

  1. A hairdresser who gives you wings!

Yes, it is true: with each new step in life us women tend to change our hairstyle! Whether it’s a new colour, different length, Pixie or curls – never mind, it’s different! We symbolize the change in our lives. Once again we have self-control over ourselves and want to show it to everyone.

Try it, you will see it’s worth it.

  1. Your laughter re-emerges!

For me, one of the most important and beautiful reasons to break old habits! Our inner instinct, which showers us with endorphins and strengthens our interpersonal relationships. We simply feel happier, more relaxed and shine again. Who laughs honestly and from the heart, we appear more attractive and receive a smile back. If only for this – it’s already worth it!

Important: It is solely your responsibility to make your life happy, no one else´s!

What reasons do you have to end a relationship? Looking forward to your answers.

Have a nice day!




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