The most valuable moments in life

30th May 2016

Today, I know that the most important things we have in our life are in front of us without recognizing them as our most valuable moments. Perhaps because they have become a matter of course for us or because they simply don’t cost us a thing?

However, to be really happy doesn´t mean to have a lot of those things. Not the biggest house, expensive clothes with any logos or the fastest car. Not the cruise across the world for which all envy us probably or the best job with the highest income. Obviously for one or an other it means the greatest happiness to call all this things his own. We think that everything good in life must also have a price. There is nothing for free! The media and the industry have shown us that successfully for many years.

I think it’s all about the moments we enjoy consciously and experience intensively, which make us truly happy.

We should  spend more of our precious time with the loved ones who listen and understand us. Philosophize and laugh with our friends about the same things while enjoying a pizza and to share beautiful memories.

Our children who make us laugh and marvel and whom we accompany for a few years on their way to adulthood. A single flower which shows us the beautiful colors of nature. The joy of our dog when we come home. Moments that spontaneously put a smile on our faces before we try to control our emotions consciously.

Formentor – Mallorca

Everyone should have his/her personal retreat, his/her part of the world, where he can come to rest. For me the seemingly endless  view over the sea has become the most important place to rearrange my thoughts and regain strength.

When I sit in my pink chair on the beach today, I can spend many hours peacefully looking to the horizon and listening the waves. This is my way of meditation. My thoughts come to rest and I feel like detached from everything else that hangs like a heavy anchor on me. These are the moments I feel satisfactin and ease I have felt never before.

Santanyi – Mallorca

The sun rays dancing on the water surface like millions of little diamonds have a hypnotic effect on me. Every time I take a book with me with the firm intention to improve my language skills in English and Spanish, but to be honest, I never managed to do it.

My pink chair

You can also see so many interesting things out there on the horizon. Beautiful memories passing before my eyes. Future plans I’m dreaming of and working on. And finally realizing with the vastness lying in front of me that we squeeze us all the time in a too-small cage, gold plated or not, close it and then hope that happiness joines us.

Sometimes you wait too long for something…


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