Back to the nature

Although I lived a happy life for many years in our house and my beloved garden in the countryside, I have converted to a real cosmopolitan to my own surprise. After all the time in the idyll and peace I needed the busy life with all its facets behind every corner.

My new home is so small it could fit almost in our old garage. The balcony accommodates only two chairs, a small table and some pansies. Nevertheless I felt in love with this apartment immediately and felt good in my own little kingdom in the middle of the city from the beginning on.

However the love to the nature is rooted so deep within me, which I have from my father obviously.

I remember when I was a little girl. I was always excited when my father took my younger brother and me to our little garden plot. It was located near a river in Nagelsberg, a little town near my hometown Künzelsau. Between many other identical gardens was our. Next to it was a big mud mountain, which served our fantasy games we played. We carved with our pocket knives beautiful arrows and made bows of branches for hours. Armed we searched for gold mines and felt like Winnetou and Old  Shutterhand.



Everything started there. I learned over the years that potato beetle go with the potato plant, that snails love strawberries and sunflowers are an absolute must-have in every garden. All the efforts and strains, the blisters on the hands from the felt like one hundred times carrying water from the river were forgotten when you can proudly carry the good smelling, natural grown tomatoes, cucumbers and baskets full of currant home. Everything tasted better as it was planted and harvested by us with our hands. Life was so much easier and we were really happy with what we had. I can say we had a lovely and fulfilled childhood I think back readily.

How life plays I have a very dear Dutch friend who lives for over 25 years on Mallorca. He has a beautiful big house in Calvia he shares with two stubborn cats, Skulamusch and Dula.


He loves this house a lot, because his two girls grew up there and he has a lot of nice memories from it. Because he loves sail yachts and sells them for which he travels a lot instead of working in the garden I didn’t hesitate when he asked me to help him.

I admit I am thankful for every possibility where I can go to the countryside and nature and enjoy the silence. We planed to cut roses and plant bushes. Moreover, the fig tree needed extra care. How I have missed working in the garden. For a few hours I felt right in my element. The smell of fresh soil and the colors of the nature reminded me of forgotten memories and were like a short journey through time.


It is really important to keep in touch with our roots and where we are standing today. Such a flashback can give us a lot. To remind what we had planed for our live when we were young. Our passion, our dreams and goals. All this can serve to point us the right way ahead, or to give us the right answer when we are standing on a crossway of our live and do not know exactly which way to go.

A couple of freshly plucked lemons are now on my table as a “thank you” and emit a very strong fruity-floral Mediterranean fragrance.


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