Let’s start with my first post


Hello, my name is Elena.

Although I’m Greek I spend my whole life in Germany. Now I live in Spain on the beautiful island Mallorca.

Various languages and different cultures have impressed and influenced me since I was a little girl. That’s why it was always my dream to travel the world and explore foreign countries.

After my divorce 4 years ago I had the possibility to do everything. I decided to go my own way. Finally doing all the things I dreamed of in the past. I wanted to do and experience so many things – and I did!

After all I took a flight lesson in a Cessna, which turned out to be a real key experience. The freedom I felt has opened my eyes.

This was the time when I decided to move abroad in order to see more of the world. I knew already that it will not be easy, but my inner feeling, my intuition said: Do it!

A decision I never regretted and which gave my life a very different turn. I am convinced that each age and each decade in our lives may be unique and full of surprises. Now l live freer, more conscious and more intensive and can say honestly that I am glad I gave up my former life for this freedom and the endless possibilities which have arisen hence.

Although every day is a challenge and not always easy I can barely image going back today.

Get inspired by my turbulent life and the way to my life I live today. Read more about my personal thoughts and experiences and why this blog is called CuarentaTres 43.






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